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    Jiexi Mianhu Huanqiu electric wire factory,Is a partner worthy of your trust, the rise of the Chaozhou-Shantou in Guangdong hinterland..Is a strong wholly-owned enterprises Industry,the factory is located in Mianhu County,north of the city Jiexi industrial zone.

    Plant collection development,design,production and sales,with an internationally recognized advanced production equipment,gathered a group of experienced technical engineers And world-class management talent.Set demanding standards for corporate governance,improve products from raw materials Buy Warehouse to manufactured goods inspection management processes,to high-quality original Materials designed to produce excellent qualiy,the power plug line,product sales nationwide and around the world.

    Factory under the guidance of business idea,create high-quality,high efficiency and provide quality service for customers.since 1990,Over 20 years of hard work and customer support,The Factory works to establish a huge distribution network.which have received consistent praise customers.

    The company will continue to excellence,the tide of the times and development of new products with the times and continue to provide customers with high quality products,in line with the customer"win-win"concept of growth and progress together to create a bright future.
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